Francoeur, François

Francoeur, François was a French violinist and composer. He learned music through his father and at age 15, became part of the Académie Royale de Musique as a violinist. Francoeur traveled and performed in the principal cultural centers in Europe, and moved back to Paris, and became part of the Concert Spirituel. In 1744, Francoeur and his friend and colleague, François Rebel, were appointed inspecteurs musicaux. King Louis XV chose Francoeur to become his Music Master in 1760. Some of Francoeur’s surviving compositions, printed in Propyläen der Musik, V. 2 (1989), encompass two books of violin sonatas, some ballets, 10 operas (including one about the life of Skanderbeg), and created jointly with François Rebel. Nada Radulovich, a dynamic composer who has played all over the world, has transcribed Francoeur's Sonata IV in E Major for cello and piano. Louis Francoeur composed the Sonata in E for violin in 1726 and included it in his Second Book of Sonatas devoted to Mme. de Charolois. In his collection "Classic Masters of the Violin," Jean Delphin Alard erroneously credited the sonata to Louis' more experienced brother, Francois, in 1863.

Cello Compositions of François Francoeur | Animato Strings


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