Kreisler, Fritz

Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler, born on February 2, 1875, in Austria, was a renowned American violinist and composer. With his beautiful tone and expressive phrasing, he captivated audiences around the world. Kreisler's unique style, influenced by the Franco-Belgian school, reflected the gemütlich (cozy) lifestyle of pre-war Vienna.

Early Life and Musical Education

Fritz Kreisler's musical journey began at an early age. He showed remarkable talent and received violin lessons from the renowned violinist and composer, Joseph Hellmesberger Jr., at the Vienna Conservatory. Under Hellmesberger's guidance, Kreisler honed his skills and developed a deep appreciation for classical music.

Rising Star: Kreisler's Early Career

Kreisler's exceptional talent quickly gained recognition, propelling him to prominence in the music world. At the age of thirteen, he made his debut as a soloist, enthralling audiences with his virtuosity and musicality. His performances were marked by his distinctive sound, instantly recognizable as his own.

The Works of Fritz Kreisler

In addition to his mastery as a violinist, Kreisler was a prolific composer. He composed numerous violin works, including enchanting solos for encores such as "Liebesleid" and "Liebesfreud." Interestingly, some of Kreisler's works were initially attributed to older composers such as Gaetano Pugnani, Giuseppe Tartini, and Antonio Vivaldi. However, in 1935, Kreisler confirmed that he had written these compositions himself. Despite the controversy, Kreisler defended the value of his works, stating, "The label changes, but the value remains."

Kreisler's Musical Style and Contributions

Fritz Kreisler's musical style encompassed a melodic approach to passagework, employing techniques such as portamento and rubato to create a captivating and expressive performance. His recordings and performances showcased his preference for spacious tempi, varied vibrato, and expressive phrasing. Notably, his cadenzas for Beethoven's Violin Concerto are still revered by violinists today.

Collaborations and Film Music

Kreisler's musical talent extended beyond the concert hall. He composed music for films as well, including Josef von Sternberg's 1936 film, "The King Steps Out." This film portrayed the early years of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, and Kreisler's music added depth and emotion to the narrative.

The Instruments of Fritz Kreisler

As a violinist, Kreisler understood the importance of an exceptional instrument. He owned several antique violins crafted by renowned luthiers such as Antonio Stradivari, Pietro Guarneri, Giuseppe Guarneri, and Carlo Bergonzi. Interestingly, he often renamed these instruments after himself. One of his prized violins, a Giuseppe Guarneri, was presented to the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., in 1952 and is still used for concerts there.

Legacy and Influence

Fritz Kreisler's impact on the world of classical music is immeasurable. His unique sound and expressive interpretations continue to inspire violinists and musicians worldwide. His compositions, including the beloved encores, remain popular in concert halls and recitals. Many violinists today draw inspiration from his recordings and incorporate his style into their own performances.

Mischa Elman: A Contemporary of Fritz Kreisler

Mischa Elman, a renowned violinist and contemporary of Fritz Kreisler, shared similarities in their musical approaches. Both favored a melodic interpretation of passagework and utilized expressive techniques such as portamento and rubato. While their styles diverged in larger works from the standard repertoire, their contributions to the violin world were equally significant.

Siegfried Sassoon's Encounter with Kreisler

Fritz Kreisler's captivating performances left a lasting impression on many, including the renowned World War I poet Siegfried Sassoon. In his 1928 autobiographical novel "Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man," Sassoon vividly describes his experience attending a Kreisler concert. The power and emotion conveyed through Kreisler's violin playing resonated deeply with Sassoon, leaving an indelible mark on his memory.

Kriesler: An Australian Electronics and Consumer Goods Brand

Curiously, a well-known Australian electronics and consumer goods business was allegedly named after Fritz Kreisler. The company, Kriesler, deliberately misspelled the name to avoid potential legal action. While the connection between the brand and the violinist remains unclear, the use of his name suggests the enduring legacy of Fritz Kreisler and his impact beyond the realm of classical music.


Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler, with his remarkable talent as a violinist and composer, remains one of the most celebrated figures in the history of classical music. His unique style, beautiful tone, and expressive phrasing continue to captivate audiences to this day. From his enchanting compositions to his virtuosic performances, Kreisler's contributions to the violin world are unparalleled. His legacy as one of the greatest violinists of all time lives on, inspiring generations of musicians and leaving an indelible mark on the world of classical music.

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