Kreisler, Fritz

Fritz Kreisler, an Austrian violinist, was a "secret" composer of short violin works. Kreisler started learning composition and violin at the Vienna Conservatory when he was seven years old, and he studied composition and violin at the Paris Conservatory from 1885 to 1887. He returned to Vienna to research medicine after a good concert tour of the United States (1888–89). He went on to research art in Paris and Rome before entering the Austrian army as a soldier. He returned to the stage as a concert violinist in 1899 and went on to become one of the most influential virtuosos of his day.

Kreisler's technique was distinguished by a heavy vibrato and sparse bowing. He performed the first version of Sir Edward Elgar's Violin Concerto, which was devoted to him, in 1910. After 1915, he mostly settled in the United States, but he managed to travel frequently across Europe. Many of his short parts, such as "Caprice Viennois" ("Viennese Caprice") and "Schön Rosmarin" ("Pretty Rosemary"), were often included in his concert programs. In 1935, his Classical Manuscripts, which were written as arrangements of works by Antonio Vivaldi, François Couperin, Johann Stamitz, Padre Martini, and others, were known as his own works.

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