Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was a violinist, organist, and composer from Italy. He studied music with a local artist, Francesco Santini, before traveling to Naples in 1725 to work with Gaetano Greco and Francesco Feo. He served with aristocratic patrons such as the principe di Stigliano and the duca di Maddaloni for the bulk of his brief life. One of the most important early composers of opera buffa was Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (comic opera). His opera seria Il prigioner superbo included La Serva Padrona (The Servant Mistress, August 28, 1733), a two-act buffa intermezzo that became a common production in its own right. It started the so-called Querelle des Bouffons (""quarrel of the comedians"") between supporters of serious French opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully's likes Jean-Philippe Rameau and supporters of modern Italian comedic opera when it was presented in Paris in 1752.   

Viola Compositions of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi | Animato Strings


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