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Joachim, Joseph

The Hungarian violinist Joseph Joachim was renowned for his masterful technique and his works by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Joachim first trained in Budapest and emerged with his tutor S. Serwaczyński at age seven. He toured London in 1844, where Mendelssohn supported him and enjoyed excellent popularity. Joachim conducted the orchestra in Weimar in 1849 and the orchestra in Hannover in 1853. He became director of the Hochschule für Ausübende Tonkunst (Berlin) in 1868, where he earned a reputation as an outstanding tutor, drawing students from all over Europe. He formed the Joachim Quartet in 1869, which became famous for its performances of Beethoven's late string quartets. Joachim subordinated technical virtuosity to artistic principles in his playing and thereby brought about a program-making change that moved away from the sublime. He was consulted by his excellent friend Johannes Brahms for his violin concerto and dedicated it to him, and he composed Schumann's Phantasy for Violin and Orchestra. Influenced by Brahms and Schumann, Joachim's compositions consist mostly of violin pieces, especially the Hungarian Concerto in D Minor.

Viola Compositions of Joseph Joachim | Animato Strings


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