Parts for Double Bass Repair

Double Bass Bridge (Unfitted And Uncarved)

This double bass bridge is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with a unique texture achieved by wind-drying maple over several years. The bridge enhances the instrument's sound and aesthetic appeal. It's essential to have a professional adjust and carve the bridge to fit your instrument precisely for the best sound quality and comfortable playing.

$70.00 Price

Double Bass Bridge With Wheels (Unfitted And Uncarved)

Double basses have varying neck angles, so a custom-made bridge is crucial for producing the best sound and playing comfortably. Many bass players use an adjustable bridge with height adjusters to counteract changes in string tension caused by humidity fluctuations. We recommend a bridge with adjustable nickel wheels professionally installed for optimal performance.

$118.18 Price

Ebony Bass Tail Piece

The tailpiece provided may have a curved or angled shape, depending on availability. The material and weight of the tailpiece can have an impact on the sound of the bass. Some basses, like ebony, sound better with heavy tailpieces, while others sound better with lighter ones. Our hardwood tailpieces are very light, weighing only 130 g for 3/4 bass tailpieces. This lightness may help to improve the response and volume of the bass.

$168.18 Price

Bass Sound Post- Raw Material (unfitted)

The sound post is a crucial vertical doweling piece of spruce wood visible through the F-hole between the front and back of a bass body. It’s not glued but held by the tension of the strings and bridge. It optimizes sound quality and protects the instrument’s structure by transmitting vibrations from the string to the top table. It’s recommended to have it checked yearly by a qualified repairman to ensure correct fit, position, and material.

• Double Bass Soundpost - 4/4-3/4 size 19mm.IA.

• Double Bass Soundpost – ½ size 16mm.IA.

$54.55 Price

Wittner Double Bass Wire for Tailpiece

The tailpiece wire fits snugly to the end button and saddle and does not stretch. It improves the sound and is insusceptible to changing climatic conditions. The instrument can be played instantly after the installation of the tailpiece wire. Unlike a nylon tailgut, there is no additional stretching that would require re-tuning of the instrument.

• It fits perfectly to the saddle and end button

• Will not stretch

• Provide sound improvement

• Can withstand any climate conditions

• Play directly after installation

• There is no need to re-tune the instrument because there is no additional stretching as with a nylon tailgut.

$35.45 Price


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