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Corrette, Michel

Michel Corrette, born in Rouen, Normandy, was a French organist, composer, and creator of musical process books. His father was a musician and organist. From around 1737 to 1780, Corrette worked as an organist at the Jesuit College in Paris. It is also known that, before 1773, he traveled to England. He was named organist by the Duke of Angoulême in 1780 and died in Paris about fifteen years later, at 87. With Arlequin, Armide, Le Judgment de Midas, Les Âges, Nina, et Persée, he wrote ballets and divertissements for the stage. He has written several concertos, especially 25 comic concertos. He also wrote sonatas, poems, musical chamber works, harpsichord works, cantatas, and other religious vocal works, apart from these works and organ concertos. Corrette arranged concerts and taught songs, aside from playing the organ and writing music. He published almost twenty books on music strategies for different purposes. These Corrette pedagogical publications are essential since they "give lucid insight into contemporary playing techniques."

Viola Compositionsof Michel Corrette | Animato Strings


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