Other Viola Cases

Styrofoam cases offer affordable protection for your Viola without the case becoming too heavy.  They are often the standard case that will come with your Viola outfit.

Other Viola Cases | Animato Strings

FPS Hard Shell Viola Shaped Case

FPS Hard Shell Viola Shaped Case

• Shaped wood ply shell

• Navy blue weather-resistant case cover,

• Adjustable backpack-style straps,

• Large external accessories pocket and side handle.

• Cushioned green velour with padded suspension interior

• Two bow spinners

• Velcro neck restrainer

• Made in China.

$113.64 Price

Oblong Viola Case HQ Polycarbonate

Oblong Viola Case HQ Polycarbonate

• Includes matching blanket

• Adjustable heel supports to take different-size instruments.

• Made of a strong, lightweight laminate consisting of PC film/ABC board/PVC foam/flannel interior

• Padded shoulder straps with heavy-duty clips and extra wire security loop system

$399.09 Price


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