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Guareschi, Giovannino

The story of Mondo Piccolo, Giovannino Guaresch's most famous novel, in which the exploits of Don Camillo and Peppone are recounted, is famous all over the world - thanks to the film starring Fernandel and Gino Cervi. Guareschi's literary production is so remarkable that the Center of Study and Home Museum has over 200,000 papers, including manuscripts, notebooks, diaries, notepads, paintings, and photographs. Alberto and Carlotta, his son and daughter, took charge of it and kept everything up to date with affection and devotion. The show may be visited by invitation, and researchers are welcome to consult his personal library and archives, which are held on file with the Ministry of Cultural Assets.

Guareschi has a vivacious personality. During WWII, he experienced the agony of being imprisoned in a Nazi death camp. As a journalist and editor, he contributed to the Christian Democrats' victory in the 1948 election. Guareschi coined the political line, "God sees you in the voting booth, Stalin does not." “100,000 Italian troops did not return from Russia,” he wrote on a poster showing a skeleton behind the barbed wire barrier of a Soviet prison camp. Vote against them for me, too, Mom.” At the height of his fame, he was imprisoned, wrongfully convicted of defamation by Alcide De Gasperi, who, through a strange twist of events, became the chief of the Christian Democrats that Guareschi had so effectively favored by his pen and wit.

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