Eastman Double Basses

Animato Strings Shop offers high-quality Eastman double basses for musicians of all levels. These instruments are crafted with the finest materials, ensuring warm and rich tones. Eastman double basses are available in various styles and sizes and cater to every musician's unique needs and preferences. With exceptional playability and durable construction, your Eastman double bass will last many years. You can browse their Eastman double basses online or in person, and they also offer accessories like strings and cases. Whether you're a seasoned bassist or just starting, an Eastman double bass from Animato Strings Shop is an excellent investment in your musical journey.

Eastman Double Basses

Eastman Double Bass with Solid Top and Solid Back

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Enjoy the remarkable features of the Andreas Eastman VB105 Double Bass.

• Finish: Shaded Spirit Varnish

• Fingerboard: Ebony

• Top: Spruce

• Ribs: Laminated Maple

• Back: Maple

• Purfling: Genuine Hand-Inlaid

• Bridge: Despiau

• Tuning Machine: Rubner Tuning Machine

• Tailpiece: Ebony

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Please note that our Free Shipping policy for bass is only available when you pick it up from the nearest Greyhound bus depot or when you meet the bus if there is no depot. Free shipping for bass does not apply. Please get in touch with us for shipping cost information. Thank you!

$5,453.64 Price

Eastman Double Bass Solid Spruce Top

Eastman Double Bass Solid Spruce Top. This bass is gorgeous, and the carved top delivers the best tone and acoustic volume of any upright on the market.

• Fully carved solid spruce top 

• Sturdy laminated back and ribs 

• Solid ebony fingerboard 

• Solid brass tuning machines 

• Special hand-applied shaded antique-style varnish

$4,544.55 Price


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