Eastman Double Basses

Eastman Double Basses

Eastman Double Bass with Sold Top an Sold Back

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Enjoy the remarkable features of the Andreas Eastman VB105 Double Bass

Finish: Shaded Spirit Varnish

Fingerboard: Ebony

Top: Spruce

Ribs: Laminated Maple

Back: Maple

Purfling: Genuine Hand-Inlaid

Bridge: Despiau

Tuning Machine: Rubner Tuning Machine

Tailpiece: Ebony

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Please note that our Free Shipping policy for a bass is only available when you pick it up from the nearest Greyhound bus depot or when you meet the bus if there is no depot. Free shipping for bass does not apply. Please contact us for shipping cost information. Thank you!
$5,453.64 Price

Eastman Double Bass Solid Spruce Top

Click here for images and pricing of the Samuel Eastman model 95 bass built with a fully carved spruce top, but it is finished with a hand-applied shaded varnish to give it a special antique appearance.

$4,544.55 Price


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