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Monti, Vittorio

Vittorio Monti was an Italian violinist, conductor, and composer. He wrote one of the most famous gypsy compositions, Csárdás, which is still widely performed by virtually every gypsy orchestra globally, despite becoming a forgotten name among contemporary musicians.

Monti was born in Naples and attended the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella to study violin and composition. He became the Lamoureux Orchestra's conductor in Paris about 1900, and he composed numerous ballets and operettas while there. Csárdás was published around 1904, a couple of years later.

Today, Csárdás is his only well-known piece in the repertoire, though it is seldom performed on the cello. That is, of course, what makes our exclusive cello arrangement of Csárdás by Valter Depalj so appealing!

Violin Compositions of Vittorio Monti | Animato Strings


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