Monti, Vittorio

Vittorio Monti (6 January 1868 – 20 June 1922) Vittorio Monti was a violinist, mandolinist, and conductor from Italy. Csárdás, written about 1904 and performed by practically every gypsy orchestra, is his most famous work.

Monti was born in Naples and attended the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella to study violin and composition. He was hired as the leader of the Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris in 1900, when he wrote several ballets and operettas, including Nol de Pierrot. He also composed a method for mandolin. Petite Méthode pour Mandoline, 98049, in which he incorporated Perle Brillante, Dans Una Gondola, and Au Petit Jour, as well as some of his compositions. F. Paolo Tosti's work was also on display.

Monti was a prominent character in the Mandolin culture in Paris, where he founded the La Stella, a club dedicated to mandolin and guitar works and compositions. From 1908 until 1910, this group (named "V. Monti") composed various works and techniques for mandolin students and began performing them. In addition, Monti founded the Le Mediator music publication in 1910, which provided news and educational advice to budding mandolin and guitar players. However, in 1913, this publication ceased to exist. 

Violin Compositions of Vittorio Monti | Animato Strings


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