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Practice Mute For Cello

The rubber practice mute is better at muting sound while maintaining sound quality than the metal version.

• The soft surface will not cause any damage to your instrument.

• Putting it on the bridge of your cello is an easy process.

• This cello mute has a claw-style design and is made of flexible, durable, and high-quality rubber.

• Reduces the volume of your cello while giving it a pleasant and mellow sound.

• Rubber practice mutes maintain better tone quality than metal mutes when muting sound.

$13.59 Price

Tourte Round Cello Mute

The Tourte Round cello mute, made of rubber, is one of the top-quality mutes for cellos.

• Rubber Material

• Conforms to the shape and curvature of the bridge

• Easy to install and change

• Perfect for apartments

$10.86 Price

Violin Shape Single Hole Cello Rubber Mute

This violin-shaped rubber mute features a single hole that allows the user to select which string or register requires more sound reduction.

• Rubber Material

• Conforms to the shape and curvature of the bridge

• Easy to install and change

• Violin-Shape Mute

• Single Hole

• Perfect for apartments

$8.41 Price

Bech Magnetic Mute For Cello

The Bech Magnetic Mute is a mute system that guarantees excellent sound quality without any annoying vibration noises.

• No unwanted vibration noises 

• Conveniently stays on the instrument with magnetic fastening 

• Hi-tech magnet helps the mute find its resting place against the tailpiece 

• Unique design prevents string abrasion or damage to the instrument 

• The wedge lip's rounded inner edge reduces rosin buildup.

• Created in a strong and flexible rubber compound for a perfect bridge fit.

• Muted instruments can still resonate with sound due to mute materials.

$26.36 Price

Roth Cello Wire Mute

The Roth Sihon Cello mute effectively uses rubber to dampen the sound of the strings.

• Mounts on strings.

• Medium to heavy muting

• Made of brass and steel, rubber tubing for protection.

• It dampens sound and eliminates wolf tones

• Slides on the G and D strings between the tailpiece and the bridge

• Stays on the strings and slides toward the bridge to mute the sound.

$23.50 Price

Heavy Metal Cello Mute

If you're looking for a way to practice your music without bothering your neighbours or roommates, this heavy metal mute is a great option. 

• Made of Metal

• Effectively Mutes Sound

• Maintain good tone quality

$13.59 Price


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