List of Paesold Cello Bows

Paesold 55Vc 3/4 Size Cello Bow

Paesold 55Vc 3/4 Size Cello Bow

Paesold is strengthening its outstanding global market position through extensive research and development activities. Paesold products are among the finest in the world.

$590.91 Price

Paesold 108 Vc Cello Bow

Paesold 108 Vc Cello Bow Product Features:

• Full-size cello bow

• Octagon brazilwood stick 

• Full-lined nickel-silver-mounted ebony wood frog 

• Parisian eye 

• 3-ring nickel-silver button

• Leather thumb grip

• Whalebone wrapping: black and gold.

• Handmade in Germany

$635.45 Price

Paesold PA192 Cello Bow

Paesold PA192 Cello Bow Features:

• Handcrafted Pernambuco wood

• Round Stick

• Nickel Silver Mount

• Ebony Frog

• Single Eye

• Three-part button

$990.91 Price

Paesold PA237 Cello Bow

Paesold PA237 Cello Bow Product Features:

• High-quality bow

• Octagonal Pernambuco stick

• A nickel-silver mounting

• Ebony frog

• Parisian eyes

$1,545.45 Price

Paesold PA365 Cello Bow

Paesold PA365 Cello Bow Product Features:

• Handmade in Germany

• High-quality Pernambuco round or octagonal stick, sterling silver-mounted. 

• Brandstamp: Roderich Paesold*

• SKU: PA365C-K, PA365C-R

• Stick Shape: Octagonal, Round

• Stick Material: Pernambuco Stick

• Bow Size: 4/4

$2,209.09 Price

Paesold 366 Vc Cello Bow

Paesold 366 Vc Cello Bow Product Features:

• Pernambuco stick

• Two-part full-lined pure silver-mounted ebony wood frog

• Parisian eye

• 3-ring pure Round Brazilwood stick

• Half-lined nickel-silver button with an eye

• Leather thumb grip

• Pure silver wire wrapping.

$2,718.18 Price

Paesold PA468 Cello Bow

Paesold PA468 Cello Bow Product Features:

• Professional level Paesold Master Bow

• Handcrafted Bow

• Top quality Pernambuco

• Sterling silver mount

• Eight inlaid eyes Button

$3,627.27 Price


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