Goltermann, Georg

Georg Goltermann was a German composer and cellist. At the age of 23, Goltermann went to Munich to study cello and composition with Ignaz Lachner with Joseph Menter, respectively. He started touring as a violin cellist in 1850 and at the same time became a composer. His appointment as music director in Würzburg ultimately brought an end to his brief touring cellist career in 1852. He took over the position of assistant music director in Frankfurt the following year and there he became principal music director in 1874. His works contain orchestral openings, dances, three sets of organs, and pieces of the chamber. 

Goltermann composed eight cello concertos, of which the fourth is the most famous. This "student's concerto" is the easiest of his first five concertos, and it is studied fairly widely. His music is rarely performed in professional concerts. It is deemed to lack the musicality of true concertos, and though it has been praised for its melodious and pleasant nature, it is not considered inspired. Instead his concertos are studied by students to learn technique and get a basic understanding of concerto style. Concerto No. 1 has maintained a presence in today's standard repertoire. The slow movement entitled Cantilena was often played separately as a cello solo.

Cello Compositions of Georg Goltermann | Animato Strings


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