Double Bass Cases

Double Basses are large instruments and need large cases.  You can buy soft bags, soft bags with wheels, styrofoam cases and fiber glass cases for any size, it all depends on what level of protection you need for the instrument.

Double Bass Cases | Animato Strings

Double Bass Bag - Gewa Premium

Double Bass Bag - Gewa Premium

• 12mm foam padding 

• GEWA Tex exterior tearproof water-resistant fabric, 

• Large Sheet music & accessories storage pockets 

• Underlayed Zipper 

• 2 Detachable padded 50mm wide backpack straps

• Large bow pocket 

• Added side protection on the head & endpin

$289.09 Price

FPS 20mm Thick Padded Double Bass Bag With 7 Handles

Please choose a Size

FPS Double Bass Bag 3/4
Upper bout (internal):62cm
Lower bout (internal):77cm
Body length (internal):108cm

Full length (internal):

Height from the back plate to the bridge



FPS Double Bass Bag 1/2
Upper bout (internal):56cm
Lower bout (internal):68cm
Body length (internal):96cm
Full length (internal):166cm

FPS Double Bass Bag 1/4
Upper bout (internal):55cm
Lower bout (internal):65cm
Body length (internal):89cm
Full length (internal):155cm

Measurements may vary between shipments.

$218.18 Price

Double Bass Semi Hard Styrofoam Case For Any Size

Double Bass Semi Hard Styrofoam Case with Wheels in all Sizes

Styrofoam Double Bass Case is suitable for bassists who need to travel interstate or overseas and need more protection for their instruments.

****Our free shipping policy doesn't apply to double bass cases and double bass instruments.

Please get in touch with us for freight cost, as freight cost depends on the destination.

$868.18 Price

Bass Fiber Glass Case- Two Way Wheels, Strong Two Handles

Bass Fiber Glass Case - Two Way Wheels, Strong Two Handles

Special Discounts are available now- Please inquire about the “Coupon Code.”

DIMENSIONS: 200 cm x 50 cm x 75 cm. weighs 30.6kg.

The cost depends on the location. Please call 1300 739 777 to discuss shipment.

$2,100.00 Price

Bass Buggie

The Bass Buggie is a convenient substitute for a typical bass wheel or bass case with wheels. It enables you to roll your bass around effortlessly, like maneuvering a hand truck. 

• Can strap onto the bass body with or without a bag.

• Is made of durable, high-impact moulded plastic.

• Overall dimensions are 36cm in length and 16cm in diameter (wheels, height & width).

• The inside platform length is 28.5cm.  

• Weight is 3 lbs., 2 oz.

• It straps onto the endpin body and the neck of the bass.

• Adjusts to any size bass from 1/10 to 4/4.

• Has non-marking, durable wheels

$247.27 Price


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