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MacMillan, Kenneth

Kenneth MacMillan was a leading choreographer and British ballet dancer of his time. Born into a poor Scottish household, he had the desire to represent modern realities and complex truths of life. He became Director of The Royal Ballet and designed some of the twentieth century's excellent dance productions. When MacMillan's mother passed away, Phyllis Adams, a dance lecturer at Great Yarmouth, actually became his surrogate mom. She taught him for free and influenced his ambitions. 

His last years were extremely productive. He knew he was surviving on borrowed time following a major heart attack in 1988. He went back in 1989 to create The Prince of the Pagoda and choose Darcey Bussell, the twenty-year-old as his young heroine, after five years of not doing new work for the Covent Garden. He produced the Sea of Troubles for Dance Advance, a contemporary version of Hamlet's dance. He created ten full-length ballets and more than fifty one-act pieces. In addition to his work for ballet companies, he was active in television, musicals, non-musical drama, and opera.

Cello Compositions of Kenneth MacMillan | Animato Strings


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