Violas $7001 and Up

Explore our selection of violas priced at $7001 and up, hand-selected for superior tone and playability. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these instruments offer professional-quality sound and performance. Whether you're a soloist, chamber musician, or orchestral player, these violas will inspire you to reach new heights in your musical journey.

Violas $7001 and Up

Jan Chamot (1939) 15 3/4 Inch Viola

Jan Chamot (1939) 15 3/4 Inch Viola features:

• Made in Krakov Poland in 1934

• Expertly restored and set up by the luthiers in Animato's workshop

• Despiau three-star bridge and Evah Pirazzi strings fitted

$7,000.00 Price

Lloyd Adams Viola 16.2 Inches 1957

We have here a 16.2 Inches Lloyd Adams Viola made in 1957. Lloyd Adams is an Australian luthier is highly regarded as a repairer, restorer, violin and bow maker, and connoisseur.

$31,818.18 Price

Konrad Kohlert Viola 16.3 inches

This viola is Kohlert's unique model, which draws inspiration from the Brescian School. The Brescian School is renowned for producing high-quality violas in the 16th and 17th centuries, crafted by famous makers such as Maggini and Gaspar Da Salo. The size of this particular viola measures 16.3 inches (41.4 cm).

$22,727.27 Price

Viola 15.25" By Giovanni Battista Gaibisso, 1950

This 15.25" viola was produced by Italian luthier Giovanni Battista Gaibisso in 1950. Giovanni Battista Gaibisso is an Italian Violin, viola, cello, and occasional guitar maker who emigrated to South America and returned to Europe to work for violin-maker François Bovis in France. He established a workshop of his own in 1923 in Alassio and participated in numerous competitions in Italy throughout the twentieth century.

$15,000.00 Price

Ryszard Osowski Viola "Conte Vitale" Replica

This replica of Andrea Guarneri's viola, known as the 'Conte Vitale', was made in 1676, built in the finest craftsmanship by Ryzard Osowski in Forchheim, Germany, dated 2024.

Ryszard Osowski, born in 1966 in Poland, moved to Muggendorf, Germany, in 1993, where he learned the craft of building stringed instruments. With over 30 years of experience, he now concentrates solely on crafting his stringed instruments with a passion for highly advanced violins. He occasionally creates individual pieces of violas and cellos.

$27,000.00 Price


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