Violin Pegs

Violin Boxwood Peg

These boxwood pegs are an excellent choice due to their softness and even brown color. Not only that, but they are also highly affordable.

$3.64 Price

Wittner Fine Tune Violin Peg Set (Not Fitted)

The Wittner Fine Tune pegs have a traditional hardwood appearance but feature an innovative internal gearing system that enhances usability.

• Traditional look and internal gearing for easier tuning.

• Only the button and middle section move, but the shaft stays locked in the peg box.

• Exceptional tuning precision with an 8.5:1 gear ratio and a self-inhibiting mechanism to prevent slipping.

• The taper on the violin pegs is 1:30 to fit any traditional peg box.

• Prevent wear on the peg box by eliminating movement of the peg shaft after installation.

• No inward pressure on the peg box, preventing the risk of a split.

$190.91 Price

Planetary Pegs for Violin ( Perfection Planetary Pegs- Not fitted)

The Perfection Planetary Peg is a revolutionary product that combines a tuning peg with geared technology. It uses synthetic materials and is resistant to humidity and temperature, ensuring consistent tuning and longer playing time without frequent tuning.

• Tune easily; everyone can do it, including beginners

• They hold the tune perfectly

• They look like traditional ebony pegs

• They are lightweight, making the instrument lighter

• No maintenance is required, such as lubricating the pegs

• No more slipping pegs!

• No more wasting time tuning; it's so fast and easy!

$154.55 Price


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