Tuners, Forks and Pitch Pipes

Animato Strings offers an impressive selection of tuners, forks, and pitch pipes to suit various needs and preferences. The knowledgeable and helpful staff assisted me in finding the perfect tuning equipment for my musical instruments. Overall, it was a great shopping experience, and I highly recommend Animato Strings to anyone needing quality tuning tools.

Tuners, Forks and Pitch Pipes

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Tuning Fork

• The simplest way to tune the 'A' string

• Vibrates 440 times per second 

• International standard for the 'A' tone

$9.09 Price

FOM Tuning Fork On Resonance Box

• 440 Hz tuning fork

• A resonance box

• Produces a strong, clear sound

• Resonates Longer

• A rubber mallet to strike the tuning fork

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1300 749 77, 07 3876 3877 or dlasa@animato.com.au

$71.86Regular price $80.91 Price

John Walker Tuning Fork A-440

• Made from hardened, tempered blue steel

• Each fork ships in a reusable plastic pouch

• Professional Grade

• 440Hz 

• Tuned at 20°C

Made in England. 

$17.95Regular price $19.95 Price

Maestro PitchPipe for Violin

This vintage Pipe is small, handy, easy to use, and surprisingly accurate for tuning a violin or mandolin. 

• Approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" 

• Comes with original plastic case (approx. 2"x 2")

• Brand: Heriba

• Type: Pitch Pipe

• Colour: Silver

• Model A-440

• Suitable For Violin & Mandolin

• Made in Western Germany

$11.36 Price

Wittner Tuning Fork on Resonance Box

This 440 Hz tuning fork with a resonance box is good for tuning instruments.

• A-440 tuning pitch

• Chrome-plated Fork

• Beautiful wood resonator box mount

• Strong, clear sound

• Resonates long

• Comes with a rubber mallet 

$123.64 Price

BEAM Magnetic Joint Chromatic Tuner/Metronome

The BEAM tuner and metronome provide great features at a fantastic price.

• Large display with bright colour

• Chromatic tuner suitable for stringed instruments

• 4 volume settings Metronome

• Double swivel joints for maximum adjustment.

• The tuner/metronome and clip are connected by a universal magnetic joint which can be detached and reattached as required

• The magnetic joint swivels adjust the screen for optimal visibility

• Power saver auto-off feature

• Rechargeable lithium battery

• Charges via a USB lead

$36.32 Price

Eno ET-05SV Clip On Tuner

High precision and great sensitivity make it the optimal choice for your instruments.

• Suitable for violin, viola, cello, and double bass

• Chromatic and accurate tuning items

• Full-colour LED display

• Free 360-degree angle adjustment

• Easy viewing and easy control operation

• A sturdy non-slip clip designed with a groove for firmly clamping on the instrument.

• Quickly attach the instrument over the peg box and out of the way.

$27.23 Price

AROMA AT-102 Clip Tuner

The Aroma AT-102 Rechargeable Chromatic Clip-On Tuner is a super-fast, accurate digital tuner with no batteries required.

• Clip-on tuner with a vibration sensor for accurate tuning

• Extra-long clip arm rotating 360 degrees and tilting 180 degrees.

• Easy to operate with control buttons for different operational modes. 

• Tuning accuracy = +/- 0.5 cent

• Easy to read, colourful LCD

• Micro USB charging cord

• Pitch range: 430-450Hz

• Dimensions: 79mm x 31mm x 34mm

• Weight: 22g

• One charge will power 5.5 hours of continuous use

• Auto-off feature for battery conservation.

$32.68 Price

Intelli IMT202 Digital Metronome And Tuner

The Intelli IMT-202 Metronome & Tuner provides a clear display on a music stand or tabletop.

• Metronome/Tuner combination

• Suitable for all types of instruments and voices

• Automatic power off in 3 minutes if there is no signal

• Tempo range from 40 to 216 beats per minute

• Accented and subdivided beat options

• A-430 to A-449 calibration

• LCD simulating a needle meter

• Eight-octave range

• Batteries included

$39.09 Price

Metro -Tuner DMT- 8LT3

The Intelli DMT-8LT3 is a classic, well-made multi-function metronome/tuner combo.

• Loud, clear tone with volume control

• Accented downbeat 0,2,3,4,5,6

• 6 Kind of rhythm

• Automatic and chromatic tuner with the highest accuracy

• Built-in microphone and 3.5″ jack for electric guitar

• Calibrate from 440 to 445Hz (6 steps)

$100.00 Price

Intelli Digital Violin Tuner IMT-103

The Intelli electronic violin tuner IMT103 is the most accurate and intelligent violin and chromatic tuner combined.

• Chromatic tuner (12 tempered scales) plus Dedicated Violin Tuner (perfect fifth)

• Built-in microphone and jack 

• Calibrate from A = 430 to 449 Hz with 1Hz step

• Easy-to-read widescreen LCD meter simulating a real tuning meter showing how sharp or flat you are in cents.

• Advanced tuning algorithm works for most string and reed instruments, including human voice.

• Three-colour tuning guide LED

• Automatic power off after 3 minutes

• Requires 2 x AAA batteries

• Dimensions 100x 65.5 x 16mm

• Weight approx. 100g, including batteries

$29.09 Price

Aroma Mini Clip-On Tuner

AROMA AT-101 mini clip-on digital tuner is a widely used professional instrument tuner, suitable for chromatically tuning guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele.

• Double colour backlit LCD screen: 

     • In-tune: indicator is in the middle, showing Green 

     • Low: indicator is on the left, showing Blue

     • High: indicator is on the right, showing Blue

• Portable, easy clip-on style

• 180 degrees rotating clip for easy LCD positioning

• Super anti-interference

• Sensitive and stable

• Turner picks up the sound by vibration

$32.27 Price


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