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Bloch, Ernest

In 1920, Ernest Bloch was hired to establish and manage the Cleveland Institute of Music as an internationally renowned composer, conductor, and teacher. Bloch was born in the Swiss city of Geneva. The son of a Jewish businessman, Sophie (Brunschwig) and Maurice (Meyer) Bloch, Bloch displayed early musical ability and agreed that he would become a composer. His teen years were characterized by significant studies in numerous European cities with violin and arrangement masters. He juggled company duties with writing and performing between 1904 and 1916. In 1916, Bloch took a position as conductor for the American tour of the dancer Maud Allen. After six weeks, the tour failed, but his creations in New York and Boston contributed to New York City's teaching roles. Bloch published 21 works during the Cleveland years (1920-25), the famous Concerto Grosso, written at the Cleveland Academy of Music for the students' orchestra.

Viola Compositions of Ernest Bloch | Animato Strings


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