Moszkowski, Moritz

Moritz Moszkowski (23 August 1854 – 4 March 1925) was a Polish-Jewish composer, pianist, and instructor from Germany. Alexander Moszkowski, his brother, was a well-known writer and humorist in Berlin. "After Chopin, Moszkowski best understands how to compose for the piano, and his writing covers the entire range of piano skills," Ignacy Paderewski said. Although he is less well-known today, Moszkowski was a well-liked and respected figure in the late 1800s. Despite his playing's balance and dazzling limpidity, as well as his remarkable skill, which drew fans from all across Europe, his music has been described as "devoid of the masculine and the feminine." He was a maestro on the piano, but his works drew the most admiration. His music quickly became a phenomenon, but he succeeded in primary stage and concert hall compositions. Moszkowski was a prolific composer, producing over 200 small-scale piano pieces, many of which became popular, mainly his Spanish Dances Op. 12 collection for piano duo.

His early Serenade, Op. 15, became famous worldwide and was covered by various artists, including the song Liebe, Kleine Nachtigall. Today, outstanding pianists such as Vladimir Horowitz and Marc-André Hamelin have performed his fifteen Études de Virtuosité, Op. 72, which he composed. In 1970, Ilana Vered recorded the first complete recording. In addition, his brief but beautiful piano works, such as Étincelles (Sparks), are performed as encores at classical concerts. He also composed larger-scale pieces such as a Violin Concerto in C major, Op. 30, three orchestral suites (Opp. 39, 47, and 79), and a symphonic poem Jeanne d'Arc, Op. 19. On the historical theme of the capture of Granada, his opera Boabdil der Letzte Maurenkönig, Op. 49, premiered at the Berlin Court Opera on April 21, 1892, and was performed in Prague and New York City the following year. Although it did not remain in the repertoire, ballet music remained immensely popular for a long time. In 1896, he composed the three-act ballet Laurin.

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