Accolay, Jean Baptiste

Jean-Baptiste Accolay was a romantic-era Belgian violin tutor, violinist, conductor, and composer. His one-movement student concerto in A minor is his most well-known work. It was initially composed for violin and orchestra in 1868. Accolay learned violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and served in the second cuirassier-regiment of Bruges as a solo flugelhorn player. He also played the first violin in the orchestras of the Namur and Bruges theaters. He began teaching solfège at the Bruges Conservatory in 1860. He also taught the violin (1861-1864), viola (1864), string quartets (1865), and harmony later in his career (1874). Until his death in 1900, he remained at the conservatory. In 1865, he cofounded the Séances de musique classique in Bruges, and in 1896, the Maatschappij der Concerten van het Conservatorium. He was also the conductor of the Brugse Jagers-Verkenners brass band. Accolay's compositions for violin are often concertos, concertinos, or character parts with piano or orchestral accompaniment. Many well-known violinists, like Itzhak Perlman, have performed Accolay's Concerto in A minor. Perlman's liner notes for his album of "According to "Concertos from My Youth," there are at least "seven works by the long-forgotten Belgian violinist and instructor Jean-Baptiste Accolay, whose concertos were edited for publication by the Walloon virtuoso Mattieu Crickboom, a protégé of Eugène Ysae and professor at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels." Despite its clear technological requirements, this agreeably spontaneous piece illustrates one of music's great paradoxes: expressive strength can always be found in the most basic of technical means."

Violin compositions of Jean-Baptiste Accolay | Animato Strings


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