German Style Bass Bows over $1000

Coda Diamond Revelation German Style Bass Bow

Product Features:

• Lifetime Technology: Precision-made using industry-leading composite materials

• Xebony Frog Solution: An elegant solution to the world’s endangered supply of instrument-grade ebony, stronger and more durable than natural ebony.

• Global Bow Design ensures that our bows contain no endangered, monitored, or regulated species (wildlife or fauna).

$1,086.36 Price

Paesold PA192 German-Style Double Bass Bow

Paesold PA192 German-Style Double Bass Bow Product Specification:

• Pernambuco wood Stick

• Ebony frog

• A+ wood quality

• Round shape stick

• Synthetic tip

• Lamb Leather lapping

• Wire wound

• Nickel Silver Mount

• Plain Ornamentation

• 1 Part Button

$1,545.45 Price


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