Violas $2001 - $7000

Check out our selection of high-quality violas priced between $200 and $7000 at Animato. Our expert-selected violas cater to beginners and professionals. They feature various sizes, styles, and finishes, all inspected and set up by our luthiers. We also offer accessories and maintenance supplies for your convenience. Shop confidently and find the perfect viola to inspire your music-making journey today.

Violas $2001 - $7000

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Gliga Vasile Superior Viola (Price varies with sizes)

Gliga Vasile Superior Viola Features:

• Specifications are similar to the “Gliga Vasile Pro" viola series

• Timbres are more seasoned and refined

• Highly skilled workmanship and varnishing techniques

• Made in the European tradition

For optimal sound and playability, a FREE professional set-up by the luthiers in Animato's onsite workshop is included in the price.

Gliga Vasile Superior Violas: Prices vary with sizes. Click on the size for the price.

$1,750.00 Price

G Marcello Viola Outfit

Coupon Code: SAVE20

Use the code at the end of the check-out procedure. This will reduce the amount by 20%.

This G Marcello Viola Outfit Includes the following:

* Rosin

* Good Standard Bow

* Good Standard Case

* Ebony Finger Board

* Ebony Pegs

Setup & Warranty: This instrument has been set up by Animato and a full-year warranty applies to all new instruments

$3,375.00 Price

Giuseppe Marcello Viola Outfit

We have here the Giuseppe Marcello Viola Outfit. The product features:

* European Timber

* Good Rosin

* Good Standard Bow

* Good Standard Case

Setup & Warranty: The instrument has been set up by Animato and a full year warranty applies to all new instruments.

$4,540.91 Price

Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber Viola (Available In 15 And 16.5 Inch)

Mezzo-Forte Carbon Fiber Viola (Available In 15 And 16.5 Inch) Features:

• Warm and brilliant sound

• Excellent projection

• Comfortable Playability in higher positions

These violas are manufactured in Germany and set up in the Mezzoforte workshop by an experienced luthier. They are tested rigorously before being sold.

Making an instrument from carbon fibre has other advantages:

• They are not affected by climate changes such as humidity or temperature

• Carbon fibre is strong and stable

• They are striking in appearance

• Ideal for travelling and playing outside

$5,227.27 Price

Strad Replica 16 Inch Viola

Strad Replica 16 Inch Viola Features:

• Exceptional luthier workmanship - a beautifully crafted Stradivari Replica.

• The wood is aged naturally and hand-made with the best tonewoods and skilfully applied layers of oil varnish.

• It has been fitted with beautiful strings and a carefully selected hand-carved bridge.

• Even the discerning viola maker will have trouble seeing that this viola is not old!

• This viola comes with a new basic bow, basic case, and rosin - upgrades are available and recommended for this instrument.

$4,540.91 Price

Georg Tiefenbrunner 15.3" Viola Mittenwald, Germany c 1890

We have here the Georg Tiefenbrunner 15.3" Viola made in Mittenwald, Germany about 1890. Tiefenbrunner remained true to his heritage in selecting the tone woods, specifically the medium-grained spruce for the top and closely flamed maple for the one-part back are both premium woods from the Karwendel Mountains.

$5,000.00 Price


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