Phoenix Performer Fiberglass/Carbon Violin Cases

Phoenix Performer' Fiberglass violin cases are currently available in 7 different colours. Protect your violin in style with one of our sturdy fibreglass cases with a beautiful black velvet style interior that keeps the violin 'suspended' thanks to foam pillows. The case has a built-in hygrometer and also includes straps to attach to the outside of the case.

The case is made secure with 3 black clasps, the middle of which has a lock and key.

The case protects the instrument in case it rains as the rims overlap. There is space to hold 2 bows, shoulder rest and rosin.

Phoenix Performer Fiberglass/Carbon Violin Cases | Animato Strings

Phoenix Performer Violin Case

Phoenix Performer Violin Case

• Keeps the violin 'suspended' and well-cushioned

• Built-in hygrometer 

• Straps for easy carrying

• Overlapping rims for rain protection

• Space for holding two bows

• Compartments for shoulder rest and rosin

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