Tchaikovsky, Alexander

Alexander Tchaikovsky is one of Russia's most well-known contemporary composers. Musical theatre has taken center stage throughout his work, with fourteen operas, three ballets, musicals, and operettas under his belt. He has also composed seven symphonies, a collection of musical concerts for piano, viola, cello, bassoon, four saxophones, and other pieces, as well as numerous choral, vocal, and chamber-instrumental compositions. The composer was named an Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR in 1988 and received the Order of Friendship for his contributions to the advancement of national culture, art, and mass media, as well as his many years of productive musical practice (2016). For his opera The Legend of the City of Yelets, the Virgin Mary, and Tamerlan, he earned the Government of Moscow Award for Culture in 2017.

Viola Compositions of Alexander Tchaikovsky | Animato Strings


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