Rondo Violin Strings

Professional musicians and soloists highly value the RONDO violin strings for their unique tonal intensity, wide dynamic range, and reliable response. These strings enrich the tonal quality of old and modern instruments, producing a deep, brilliant, and sweet sound similar to old Italian instruments. Another defining feature of RONDO strings is their impressive and strong focus, which adds a rich tonal density to the focal point of sound. The immediate bow response of the strings supports this focus at all dynamic levels, bowing speeds, pressures, and contact points. RONDO strings combine these attributes to produce a deep, melodious sound with a refined and mature vocal character. This results in a powerful presence, providing the player with confidence when projection and volume are required.

Rondo Violin Strings

Rondo Violin String Set 4/4 by Thomastik

Professional musicians and soloists value the RONDO set for its unique tonal intensity, wide dynamic range, reliable response, and deep, brilliant, sweet sound. The set provides impressive and strong focus, immediate response to the bow, and a refined, mature vocal character, allowing for a powerful presence and confidence when projecting and delivering volume.

• E I - Carbon Steel Core, Tin Plated

• A II - Synthetic Core, Aluminium Plated

• D III - Synthetic Core, Silver Wound

• G IV - Synthetic Core, Silver Wound

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