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Bantock, Granville

Granville Bantock was an English composer recognized for his large-scale choral and orchestral masterpieces in which Asian and Celtic themes recur. Granville Bantock's works were inspired by the folk song of the Hebrides and the masterpieces of Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss and rendered many orchestral and choral works of great scope. His compositions are neither chromatic nor dissonant but based on common chords and diatonic discords. The compositions are homophonic, and the chromaticisms seem to be semi-oriental, probably because of his early education in the Indian civil service.

The enthusiasm and ingenuity of Bantock were immense, and his student success was overwhelmingly ambitious. At the turn of the 20th century, Bantock established his mature style, and his best music was composed mostly in the first decade. Some of his popular works include Atalanta in Calydon (1911) and Vanity of Vanities for unaccompanied voices (1913); the Hebridean Symphony (1916); the large tone poems Dante and Beatrice (1910) and Fifine at the Fair (1912).

Cello Compositions of Granville Bantock | Animato Strings


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