Senaillé, Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Senaillé was a violin maestro and Baroque composer. He is famous for a fast 2/4 movement from a sonata titled "Allegro Spiritoso." Following on from his father's footsteps as a member of the 24 Violins of the Roi, in 1713, Senaille was assigned to fly to Italy for a brief time and in 1720 rejoined the "Violins of the King." His most significant contribution to music was his creation of around fifty violin sonatas, except for his violin playing. The sonatas are all significant, as Senaille was the first to mix the French form with the Italian conventions. They include sophisticated rhythms, the violin's virtuosity, and an obscure French dance beat, imitation, and the Italian melodic thoroughbass.

Cello Compositions of Jean Baptiste Senaillé | Animato Strings


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