Dale, Benjamin

Benjamin James Dale was a musician and educator from England who had a long affiliation with the Royal Music Academy. Dale exhibited compositional ability from an early age and went on to compose a limited yet noteworthy corpus of works. Perhaps his most significant arrangement is the large-scale D minor piano sonata he began while still a student at the Royal Academy of Music, which interacts in a strong late-romantic form. On one of his holiday travels to Germany, the start of World War I caught Dale heading to the Bayreuth Festival.

Facing declining health during the war, Dale was willing to fly around the country, inspecting the Affiliated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in Australia and New Zealand. He began to write again and became a music teacher at the Royal Academy of Music and then a warden. He served on the Music Advisory Council of the BBC as well. Dale wrote many chamber works for violin (recorded for Dutton Epoch) during the post-war period, including a large-scale Violin Sonata (1921-22). In 1923, an anthem, A Poem of Gratitude, emerged. The Moving Tide (1943), which has heavy elements of Debussian Impressionism mixed with Romanticism, was his last primary production.

Viola Compositions of Benjamin Dale | Animato Strings


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