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Violins $601 - $1500

Violins from $601 to $1500 are for the advanced player. Violins in this category include:



Gliga II, I and Vasile

Eastman Advanced Levels

Violins $601 To $1500 | Animato Strings

Gliga II - 7/8 Violin Outfit

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The Gliga violin is an outstanding instrument for the advanced student. This versatile violin performs exceptional for both solo and orchestral work, producing a full range of tonal colours.The Gliga I available in a beautiful 'Antiqued' finish, refined to produce a remarkably attractive instrument.

This violin is crafted with similar specifications to the 'Gliga II' but with better grade timbers.  The luthiers have paid more attention when crafting the contouring of the boday and scroll and the thickness of the plate.

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