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Are you looking for a high-quality violin without breaking the bank? Please browse our selection of violins priced between $601 and $1500 at Animato. Each violin is carefully crafted with attention to detail, made from high-quality materials, and offers a rich, full sound for players of all levels. These visually stunning instruments are built to last, making them perfect for performances and rehearsals. Please browse our selection today and take your music to the next level.

Violins from $601 to $1500 are for the advanced players. Violins in this category include: Amore, Marcello, Gliga II, I and Vasile, Eastman Advanced Levels.

Violins $601 To $1500 | Animato Strings

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Eastman Violin

The following features characterize the Eastman Violin:

• Entirely hand-carved from a traditional selection of solid tonewoods

• Spruce top and maple back, ribs, and scroll

• Ebony fingerboard, pegs, and chinrest

• Genuine hand-inlaid purfling

• Stradivari pattern

• The violins are available in sizes 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & 4/4.

• Includes a good timber bow

• There is an option for a fibreglass bow- these are strong and great for the school environment

The outfit also includes rosin and a high-quality shaped plywood case.

$635.45 Price

Amore Violin Outfit

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Amore Violin Outfit Includes:

• Maestro Strings

• Oblong case

• Good bow

• Good Rosin

Setup & Warranty:

Animato Strings have set up this instrument. It has a full year warranty.

$1,066.36 Price

Marcello Violin Outfit

The Marcello violin outfit includes:

• Upgraded Strings (Il Canone Solo by Larsen for the 4/4 size and Evah Pirazzi for the smaller sizes)

* Titanium/ebony chin rest

• Very good Rosin

• Good Standard Bow

• Oblong case

Setup & Warranty:

Animato has set up this instrument and it has one year warranty.

$1,699.09 Price

Gliga II Violin Outfit

The Gliga II Violin Outfit comes with the following:

• Free Shipping

• Lightweight Oblong Case with Back Pack Straps

• Articul Carbon Fibre bow

• Violino Strings

• Ultralight Tail Piece

• Free professional setup

$686.36 Price

Gliga I - 7/8 Violin Outfit

The Gliga I violin is an outstanding instrument for advanced students. 

• A good bow

• Quality plywood case

• Rosin

• Free shipping

• Exceptional performance on solo and orchestral work

• Produce a full range of tonal colours

• Remarkably attractive due to its beautiful antique finish

• Better Grade Timbers than Gilga II

$1,212.87 Price

Gliga I Violin Outfit

The Gliga I Violin Outfit Includes the Following:

• A good bow

• Quality plywood case

• Rosin

• Professional set up by Animato Strings

• Free shipping

$1,396.36 Price

Andreas Eastman VL250 Violin

Eastman's commitment to quality tonewood and expert hand-craftsmanship is abundantly evident.

• Entirely hand-crafted of well-seasoned, select tonewoods

• Attractive and durable hand-applied translucent amber varnish

• African ebony fingerboard, boxwood pegs, tailpiece, and chinrest 

• Attractive and durable hand-applied translucent amber varnish

• Wittner composite tailpiece with four fine tuners available as an option

• Stradivari pattern

• Outstanding, modestly-priced step-up model

• Violin available in sizes 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 3/4 & 4/4

• Comes with bow, case, and rosin

$1,090.00 Price

Strad Violin Copy Czechoslovakia

This violin is a copy from the world-renowned violin maker Antonio Stradivari made in Czechoslovakia. Antonio Stradivari is a renowned Italian violin maker who was said to have brought the craft of violin-making into its highest pitch of perfection. 

$1,136.36 Price


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