Double Bass Rosins

Larica Rosin For Double Bass - Liebenzeller Formula Gold

The Liebenzeller Gold has a warm, balanced sound with brightness and crispness while maintaining lightness in the high notes. Larica Rosin for Double Bass. Softness: 4  or 5. 5 is softer than 4.

• It produces lively, warm, and bright sounds 

• Pure larch resin and metals

• Better sound quality 

• Broader range

• Better modulation

• Higher capacity

• Excellent bow response

• Low background noise

• Resistant to humidity and temperature changes

• It doesn’t collect much dust

$54.50 Price

Melos Dark Bass Rosin

Melos Rosin Bass Dark product provides a solid and full-toned sound without any unwanted noise or dust while using various bowing techniques.

• For Upright String Bass

• No chemicals or fillers like glucose or sugars.

• Softer dark rosin for winter.

• 100% handmade in limited smaller batches, ensuring it is always fresh.

• High-quality Melos rosin, made of Greek pine-tree colophony, is produced by Sykiotis in Greece.

$29.64 Price

Melos Light Bass Rosin

Melos Rosin Bass Light product is designed to grip the strings softly, resulting in a silky and warm sound quality.

• Optimized for Bass Bows

• Hard Rosin for Warmer Months

• Use for smoother playing

• Made of Greek pine-tree colophony

• Mix with Dark Rosin for perfect playability

$29.64 Price

Pops Bass Rosin

This "Pops" rosin is a high-quality product that doesn't contain any waxes or fillers.

• Students and professionals alike love this rosin

• Incredibly soft, providing exceptional grip for both solo and orchestral performance

• It comes in a plastic container with a snap-top lid

• Suitable for all climates

• Made in the USA

$27.23 Price

Nyman For Double Bass

Nyman Double Bass Rosin, made in Sweden, is a high-quality medium-soft rosin popular among many bass players.

• For Upright String Bass

• Hard Grade

• Sticky to the touch

• The original premium Swedish bass rosin

• Professional’s Choice

$18.14 Price

Thomastik Infeld Kolophonium Kunstler Bass Rosin

Thomastik Infeld Bass Rosin includes special ingredients and manufacturing methods to heighten the bow's ability to interact with the string surface.

• Smooth tone

• Strong grip

• Minimal dust

• Metal wrap with plastic holder

• Made in Austria

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

$27.23 Price


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