Dont for Viola

Dont Studies And Caprices For Viola (Schott)

Jakob Dont was an Austrian violinist, composer, and teacher renowned for his educational works. A famous work of his is 'Etüden und Capricen' Op. 35, a collection of studies and caprices arranged for the viola by Max Rostal. Dont's works cover various technical demands such as arpeggios, double stops, dexterity, change of position, legato, change of string, types of bowing, trills, and appoggiaturas. Born on March 2, 1815, he was a member of the Hofburgtheater orchestra and later joined the Vienna Hofkapell. Dont became a professor at the Padagogisches Institut in Vienna and taught at the Wiener Konservatorium. His students included Leopold Auer.

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