Duport, 21 Studies For Cello (Peters)

The Edition Peters 21 Studies for Cello Music Book is a beautifully presented book printed on high-quality paper. It offers a lifetime of enjoyable learning and is suitable for use in lessons or at home for private study. It is easy to carry and makes an ideal gift for yourself or your loved ones. The book helps students develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. It employs a unique top-down approach to assist with presenting musical concepts and principles.

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Duport, 21 etudes for cello (with optional 2nd cello accompaniment)

This volume's musical text and articulation are based on the 1806 first edition of Janet et Cotelle of Paris. We've modernized fingerings and bowings to reflect cello playing today. The new edition is free from many elements added by various editors over the last 200 years, restores the etudes' original order, and includes the 2nd cello in a separate score. A brochure with comments on the etudes and references to their usage in standard cello literature, similar to the popular Popper Etudes, is also included.

• Fold-out pages for easy reading

• Ad libitum cello part included for improvisation

• Fingerings and bowings designed for modern cellists

• German/English brochure with playing tips and references to cello literature

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Duport, 21 etudes for cello book II (Nos. 14-21)

This is Book 2 of Duport’s 21 etudes series, edited and fingered by Leo Schulz. It follows Book 1 and comprises episodes 14-21, designed to improve finger agility and bowing techniques of intermediate to advanced cellists. 

Jean-Louis Duport, a renowned cellist, published “21 Etudes for Violoncello” in 1806, which became the fundamental reference point for cello teaching. The exercises have artistic value and are highly challenging. This recording is played with original instruments and historical bows, following precise philological criteria. It is a must-listen for cello enthusiasts and anyone interested in Classical era France.

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Duport, Studies for cello - Revised by Friedrich Gruetzmacher (IMC)

Edited by Pierre Fournier and Revised by Friedrich Gruetzmacher (IMC)

Jean-Louis Duport's Studies for Cello, written over 200 years ago, is still relevant in cello pedagogy today. Duport, a French cellist, and his brother Jean-Pierre revolutionized cello performance. Duport's virtuosity led to his collaborations with King Friedrich Wilhelm II and Ludwig van Beethoven on his Op. 5 cello sonatas. Duport's Studies for Cello remains essential in cello practice, composed primarily by him and his teacher Martin Berteau.

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