Tailpieces & Tail Nylon

Fine Tuner For Violin

In terms of colors, there are black color,  black and gold, and silver color but we can send what we have in stock.

Fine tuners on violins are small screws attached to the tailpiece that allow for precise pitch adjustments. They are made of metal and located at the tailpiece, unlike wooden pegs at the scroll, and adjust the pitch only slightly.

$5.00 Price

ZMT Endpin For Violin Or Viola

The ZMT endpin™ allows you to easily adjust your tailpiece's position using a key, which can significantly affect your instrument's sound and vibration response, giving you more sound options.

• Rotation Design 

• Adjusts easily

• Provides Broader Range of Sound Characteristics

• Brings out the best in your instrument

$45.41 Price

ZMT Violin Tail Piece

ZMT revolutionizes tailpiece design for violin family instruments, enhancing sound production and unlocking your instrument's full potential.

• Enhanced Sound Production

• Broader overtone spectrum

• Faster and more precise response from your instrument

• Wider dynamic ranger

• Reduction of wolf tones

Package includes ZMT tailpiece, Kevlar tailgut, ZMT fine tuners, and string saddles.

$204.55 Price


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