Viola Pegs

ABS Swiss Head Planetary Perfection Pegs For Viola (Not fitted)

Tuning your instrument can be a breeze with these pegs. They are easy to use, even for beginners, and hold the tune perfectly. Although they look like traditional ebony pegs, they are much lighter, making your instrument feel lighter. You won't need to lubricate them, and they won't slip, meaning no more wasted time tuning. It's fast and easy!

• It is easy to tune, even for beginners.

• It holds the tune perfectly.

• They look like traditional ebony pegs

• These are lightweight instruments.

• No maintenance is required, such as lubricating the pegs.

$154.55 Price

Viola Peg- Boxwood

Our selection of viola pegs combines style, durability, and functionality. This high-quality peg is made from polished boxwood and allows for accurate tuning and smooth turning without slipping. Our pegs are easy to install and adjust, but we recommend working with a luthier or repair shop for installation. Our experts are available to assist you.

$4.73 Price

Viola Peg-Ebony Best Quality

Upgrade your viola with our premium ebony pegs. They are known for their fine craftsmanship, accurate tuning, and smooth turning without slippage. Our pegs are easy to install and adjust, allowing you to spend more time playing. For best results, consult with a luthier or repair shop. Our experts are available to assist you!

$8.41 Price

Wittner Fine Tune Viola Peg Set (Not Fitted)

The Wittner Finetune Geared Pegs are a non-slip solution for your viola, measured by the diameter of the ring.

This accessory is made of composite and light alloy materials, making it preferred by professional musicians. It can be installed effortlessly without glue, and tuning is easy thanks to the peg head. Its remarkable feature is that it has no friction between the peg and the pegbox, ensuring precise and consistent tuning. The tuning mechanism allows for precision tuning and an 8:1 gearing ratio. We recommend seeking professional assistance for proper installation and optimal performance.

$259.09 Price


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