Capuzzi, Antonio

Antonio Capuzzi was an Italian composer and double bassist. Even if famous at the time, much of his music has been overlooked. Today's most famous piece is his double bass concerto. The concerto was conducted in the British Museum and was credited to the Kavalier Marcantonio Montenigo.

After working at the Teatro di S. Samuele in 1805, Capuzzi taught in the conservatory at S. Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, Italy, and became orchestral director. Moreover, he was a prominent composer of ballets that transpire between acts of operas and plays. His most famous ballet, titled La villageoise, was performed in 1796 in London. Capuzzi is also recognized for his other works, including five operas, 11 ballets, four violin concertos, 18 string quartets, and other chamber music.

Double bass compositions of Antonio Capuzzi | Animato Strings


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