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Violins up to $600

Violins up to $600 are considered entry-level and intermediate-level instruments. Animato Strings' ambition is to make them sound more expensive than they are! The violins in this category include the following:

Second-hand (brands according to availability)




Gliga III

Violins Up To $600 | Animato Strings

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Second-Hand Violin Any Size Intermediate

These violins are one level higher than the cheapest beginner violins. The main difference is that these violins are hand-varnished. The new price for these violins would be between $400 and $500. These violins come with better strings as well. 

Availability is not guaranteed but we mostly have this level of violins in stock. There is no need to call us first as long as you intend to pay with a credit card. We would only make use of your credit card if we have your violin in stock. We would email you instantly if we do not have your violin in stock.

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