Drdla, Franz

Frantisek Drdla (28 November 1868 – 3 September 1944) was a well-known Czech concert violinist and light music composer. He studied violin and composition at the Prague Conservatory and later at the Vienna Conservatory, where he studied violin with Josef Hellmesberger, Jr., music theory with Anton Bruckner and composition with Franz Krenn. Drdla's music, on the other side, carries no signs of his teacher's influence. He was the chief and concertmaster of the Theater a der Wien from 1894 to 1899, and he played violin in the ensemble of the Vienna Court Opera from 1890 to 1893. Drdla, who was already a well-known concert violinist, played Europe in (from 1899–1905) and then in the United States (1923–1925). Drdla was famous for his technically refined sound as a violinist. In 1927, the President of Austria bestowed upon him an honorary rank. In 1944, Drdla died in Bad Gastein, Austria. 

Even though he wrote three operettas, a violin concerto, numerous orchestral pieces, and two piano trios, Drdla's worldwide success came from his lighter late-romantic compositions. In general, these works combined traditional Bohemian (Czech) or Hungarian melodies and interpreted them in a viennoise style. Souvenir (1904), Perception (1906), and Oh, Hay! (1908) are three of the most well-known compositions for violin and piano. Hey, Hay! was recorded in over a dozen formats, including orchestral, piano quintet, and string quartet versions. Violinists Jan Kubelk, Marie Hall, Mischa Elman, Joseph Szigeti, Váa Phoda, and others helped popularize Drdla's compositions.

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