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Simandl New Method for the Double Bass Book 1 (Fischer)

The Simandl Method is a popular double-bass learning technique often taught by a teacher. The Simandl New Method for the Double Bass Book 1 (Carl Fischer) includes Etudes as part of the program. The Etudes cover all aspects of performance technique and provide a consistently challenging progression of material.

This version of the Simandl Method (the "orange book") has English and Japanese text, markings for bowings and fingerings, and supplementary playing notes by Lucas Drew. It spans 149 pages and measures 9x12".

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The Evolving Bassist by Rufus Reid Millennium Edition

“The Evolving Bassist” is a comprehensive self-help guide to help you become a skilled bass player. It is designed for students who need guidance in finding or affording a regular teacher. It’s a valuable reference book to improve your bass skills.

“The Evolving Bassist” Millennial Edition was first published in 2000. A digital version was made available for download in 2020, preserving its fundamental concepts. Being a jazz bassist requires individual creativity while staying true to the job description.

Millennial Edition: more solos, duets, and etudes. There are better ways to learn tunes and bass lines and practical travel and recording info—FAQs on amplification, equipment, pickups, and mics.

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Frost, String Techniques for Superior Musical Performance

This book is a comprehensive guide for intermediate-level students to develop excellent left and right-hand techniques. It includes three sections covering technique, tone, tuning, major and minor keys, etudes, and bowing style. The book offers a variety of enjoyable repertoire and exercises, such as scales, chorales, and classical pieces, to keep students engaged and motivated. Its primary goal is to help students establish a strong foundation in technique, resulting in excellent musical performances and opening up a vast literature world. Whether you teach in a classroom or a private studio, this book is an ideal resource to enhance your students' skills.


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