Milhaud, Darius

Darius Milhaud was a French composer of the Romantic era. His compositions are based on jazz and Brazilian music and use polytonality extensively. He taught at the Conservatory of Paris in 1947. He suffered from paralytic arthritis later in his years but he continued composing and conducting. Milhaud wrote the incidental music for Claudel’s Protée (1920) and for Claudel’s translations of the Aeschylean tragedies Agamemnon (1913), Choéphores (1915), and Les Euménides (1917–22). His other operas include Christophe Colomb (1930; text by Claudel); Le Pauvre Matelot (1926; The Poor Sailor; text by Cocteau), David (1954), and Médée (1939).

Cello Compositions of Darius Milhaud | Animato Strings


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