Arco Violins

Arco Violins, made by Animato, are known for their superior craftsmanship and exceptional sound. Each violin is handcrafted using the finest materials for a beautiful tone and excellent projection. Available in various sizes, Arco Violins come with a bow and a case. They are a high-quality choice for musicians of all levels.

Arco Violins

Arco Violin Outfit

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The Arco Violin Outfit Includes:

• Shaped Lightweight Case

• Good Bow

• Rosin

• Genuine ebony fingerboard 

• Carbon Fibre tailpiece with integrated string adjusters (included in the warranty)

Setup & Warranty: All new instruments are covered by a full-year warranty. (Strings are not included.)

The shoulder rest is extra (if you wish to add one). 

Please add a shoulder rest if you need :

$318.18 Price


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