Other Cello Parts for Repair

Cello Fingerboard Nut Best Quality (Not Fitted)

High-quality ebony cello nut for restoring or creating cellos. Pre-shaped and ready for fitting. The cello nut is a small raised piece of wood that sits at the top of the fingerboard. It has four curved grooves for each string, holding them in place and slightly above the fingerboard.

$7.23 Price

Cello Nut (Not Fitted)

This ebony cello nut needs to be shaped and available in a sufficient thickness to fit a specific cello. It's ideal for restoring old cellos or creating new ones. The cello nut is a raised piece of wood at the top of the fingerboard with four curved grooves for the strings, keeping them slightly above the fingerboard.

$4.50 Price

Cello Saddle

The Cello Saddle is a machine-crafted component installed beneath the tailpiece's tailgut/loop to protect the cello's top/soundboard. It must be customized to fit and installed by a trained luthier. It distributes string tension away from the centre of the cello towards the endpin, relieving pressure on the cello's body, and supports the tailgut attached to the bottom of the cello.

$4.50 Price

Cello Sound Post- Raw Material (unfitted)

The soundpost of a stringed instrument is made from spruce. It has two functions - sound and structure. The soundpost carries sound from the soundboard to the back of the instrument, amplifying the sound of the strings. Correct positioning is crucial for the desired sound quality. The soundpost also provides support to the top plate, along with the bass bar. It prevents cracking of the spruce top caused by the treble foot of the bridge under the higher-sounding strings.

Cello Soundpost. Spruce stick, split and turned. Germany. #2 grade:

• 4/4size Ø: 11.0mm L:400mm. 1 stick cello = 2 sound posts.

• 3/4size Ø: 10.50mm L:400mm. 1 stick cello = 2 sound posts.

• 1/2 size Ø: 9.5mm L:400mm. 1 stick cello = 2 sound posts.

$36.36 Price

Cello Fingerboard Ebony

Cello fingerboards are made of Ebony, a hardwood with excellent sound properties. It provides a tough surface for pressing the strings to play notes. The player must have a good ear since the fingerboard has no frets. Cello fingerboards are large, and obtaining homogeneous quality can be challenging. We provide high-quality cello ebony fingerboards and highly sought-after and valuable wood.

$122.73 Price


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