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Ratez, Émile Pierre

Born in Besançon on 5 November 1851, Ratez became a pupil of Pierre De Mol at the music school there and later, became a pupil of Bazin and Jules Massenet at the Conservatoire de Paris in the 1870s. In 1891, Ratez was appointed director of the Lille branch of the Paris Conservatory. He passed away in Lille on 19 May 1934. Among of his remarkable compositions include some chamber music (at least three piano trios, a piano quintet, a cello sonata, at least two violin sonatas, a string trio, for example), a suite for violin and piano,[4] two operas Lydéric (premiered 1895, Lille) and Paula (premiered 1904, Besançon) and many songs and other choral and piano works. Billaudot has republished his six Characteristic Pieces.

Double Bass Compositions of Émile Pierre Ratez | Animato Strings


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