Vaňhal, Jan Křtitel

Johann Baptist Wanhal was a Czech composer of classical music. He was born in the Czech town of Nechanice and died in Vienna. Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven were also fans of his compositions. He was also a musician who played many instruments. He was an accomplished organist and also played the violin and cello. Wanhal's trip to Italy is unknown, but he is reported to have encountered fellow Bohemians Gluck and Florian Gassmann in Venice and Rome, respectively. The only evidence we have of Wanhal writing operas comes from his Italian journeys: he is thought to have written operas based on the Metastasian operas Il Trionfo di Clelia and Demofonte, possibly alone or in collaboration with Gassmann, where Wanhal provided any or all of the arias; these works have since been lost. Wanhal was expected to go to Naples, perhaps the most significant center of music in Italy at the time, in addition to his known travels in northern and central Italy, but he never seems to have made it there.

Viola Compositions of Jan Křtitel Vaňhal | Animato Strings


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