Lorenziti, Bernardo

Bernardo Lorenziti (c. 1764 - after 1813) was an Italian composer and musician who spent much of his time in France. Bernardo was born in Kirchheim, Württemberg, and studied in Nancy under his brother before working for twenty-five years at the Paris Opera. In 1787, he was the second violinist, and in 1813, he retired. He composed 240 pieces of music, including concertos for violin and orchestra, viola and orchestra, and trios for viola, bass, and violin; 12 variations for two violins and bass; 11 duos for violins; and etudes, caprices, and airs for violin alone and violin and flute. He created a fundamental way of learning to play the violin.

Antonio Lorenziti received his education first from his father, who worked for the Prince of Orange and Pietro Locatelli. He was named maestro di Capella for the Cathedral of Nancy in 1767, and he resided there until his death. Many terzetti, quartetti, and concerti were written by him.

Double Bass Compositions of Bernardo Lorenziti | Animato Strings


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