Gliga Cellos

Gliga Cellos are renowned for their exceptional quality, fine craftsmanship, and beautiful tone. Handmade in Romania using traditional methods, each cello is designed with exquisite attention to detail. At Animato, we offer a variety of Gliga cellos that cater to the needs and budgets of all players, from beginners to professionals. Investing in a Gliga cello is a decision you won’t regret. Please browse our selection today to experience the superior quality and craftsmanship of Gliga cellos for yourself.

Gliga Cellos

Gliga Vasile Advanced Cello

Gliga Vasile Advanced Cello. Handcrafted in the Romanian workshops of Vasile Gliga with sycamore maple. Some special attention has been given to the deeply etched and well-highlighted scroll. A more significant number of coats of varnish are applied.

$6,818.18 Price

Gliga II Cello

4/4 Gliga II cello in Antique finish. Handcrafted in Romanian workshops featuring flamed maple back, sides and neck and resonance spruce top. Body and scroll have rounded outline superior to series III


$4,090.91 Price

Gliga I Cello Outfit

Gliga I Cello Professional Set-Up by Animato Strings for optimum sound and playability. This cello features a hand-applied antique varnish, producing a magnificent instrument.

$4,450.00 Price

Gliga III Cello Nitro 4/4 size Only

Gliga III Cello Nitro finish. Handcrafted in Romanian workshops. Outstanding value-for-money European instrument.

Prices vary depending on Sizes FREE, professional Set-Up by Animato Strings for optimum sound and playability. The Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) for each size (as shown on this page after you have chosen your cello size) include Animato Strings' FREE set-up to optimise the sound and playability

$3,181.82 Price


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