Schubert, Franz

Franz Peter Schubert was an Austrian composer of the Classical era. He was widely popular for his songs and chamber musician and was also touted as "the most fertile and original melodist that ever lived." In the 19th century, Franz Schubert's music acquired considerable significance due to many concomitant changes in culture and sociology in Germany, including the recent profusion of lyric poetry in works by Goethe, in particular, the growth of piano into a highly complex mechanism. Schubert had an extraordinary lyrical gift as a musician and often sang many songs in one day.

Schubert sits alongside those at the forefront of the romantic trend in the past of music and anticipates the subjective attitude towards works, but loses Beethoven's intensity and imaginative approach to instrumental music. However, notwithstanding his more traditional instincts, Schubert's innovations include his piano Wanderer Fantasy with cyclical shape, the usage of long line melodies in his piano sonatas, and the chamber music rather than motto-type themes, and a heightened focus on the role of piano accompaniment. Before the middle of the 19th century, several of his large instrumental works remained unknown.

Cello Compositions of Franz Schubert | Animato Strings


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