Reinecke, Carl

Carl Reinecke was a composer, pianist, administrator, and conductor from Germany. His father, J.P. Rudolf Reinecke, a renowned music theoretician and author of many textbooks provided him with a comprehensive musical education. Reinecke traveled Europe from Danzig to Riga from 1845 to 1846, when he was named court pianist in Copenhagen, where his roles involved assisting violinist H.W. Ernst and offering solo recitals. Mendelssohn and the Schumanns welcomed him warmly in Leipzig, and Liszt, whose daughter was later taught by Reinecke in Paris, admired his "beautiful, gentle, legato, and lyrical touch." He relocated to Cologne in 1851 and started teaching counterpoint and piano at Hiller's conservatory. Hiller suggested him to Barmen, and he gave concerts with him.  

Viola Compositions of Carl Reinecke | Animato Strings


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