Shoulder Rests for Viola

KUN Bravo Maple Shoulder Rest Viola

The Kun Bravo is unique among wooden shoulder rests. The Bravo's bent maple hardwood laminates alternating in grain structure provide maximum strength with some flexibility. As a result, this rest maintains Kun's instantly-recognizable ergonomic shape, easy attachment to the instrument, and stability in use.

$178.18 Price

Wolf Forte Secondo Shoulder Rest for Viola

Wolf Viola Shoulder Rest - Forte Secondo
Very lightweight so no loss of sound

High resistance to sliding 

Will not damage instrument 

Maximum security during playing 

Height Adjustable 

Fits up to 16.5" viola

Flexible backplate for custom ergonomics

$60.23 Price

Pirastro Korfker Shoulder Rest for Viola

PIRASTRO KorflerRest® – Features and advantages

  • The world’s lightest shoulder rest (viola model 40 grams)
  • First shoulder rest using bendable tonewood adjustable to the shape of the shoulder
  • Offers extensive and very precise personal modifications of position, height and tilt
  • Brings out a much wider dynamic range from the instrument
  • Allows a richer diversity in articulation
  • Finer variations in string contact can be felt
  • Minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics
  • Designed to complement the timeless beauty of the violin
  • Now comes with the ErgoPack, which allows even more adjustments
  • Optimized rubber feet provide exceptional security with an unmatched adhesive grip
  • Improved rubber pads increase comfort and durability (4 replacement pads included)
$590.91 Price

Viva La Musica Diamond Shoulder Rest for Viola

VLM Diamond Shoulder Rest by Viva La Musica

  • This ergonomically designed shoulder rest has been carved from a beautifully flamed Bosnian maple (the same wood as a violin back and ribs). 
  • It is very light in weight and the height and length can be adjusted.
  • The metal end members are flexible and the feet have rubber covers to protect your instrument.  
  • The feet have 360 degree lateral adjustment.
  • Minimized contact with the viola ensures a better sound.
  • Available in Dark or Light
  • Designed and made by Viva La Music Augustin in Slovenia
$90.00 Price


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