Kun Replacement Foot - Short Length

Kun Replacement Foot - Short Length


The Kun shoulder rest replacement fork member (Kun feet) can be used to replace old and perished fork members.

• Replacement for old and perished fork members

• For short-length forks

• Ensures players' comfort with long necks

• Provide a solid grip on the instrument

• Over-moulded with the latest elastomer technology

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Kun Leg/Replacement Fork Member for Kun Shoulder Rests – Short Length

The Kun shoulder rest replacement fork member (Kun feet) can be used to replace old and perished fork members. You can use this short length to customize your shoulder rest, making it the perfect height to suit your comfort. They can be fitted to your standard Kun Shoulder rest.

The forks are over-moulded with the latest elastomer technology providing a solid grip on the instrument with a brass screw for Kun's shoulder rests. The shorter screw goes into the L-shaped "end member" on the higher/wider end, and the long screw goes into the lower/narrower end of the shoulder rest.

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PSR Plus Shoulder Rest For Violin And Viola- Perfect Shoulder Rest

The PSR PLUS has additional foam that cradles the back of the shoulder for extra support. The thinner design of the PSR PLUS was created for students who desire a comfortable fit without raising the chin rest too high on the neck.

• Additional foam for extra support

• Created for students who desire a comfortable fit

• Patent Design Curve

• The PSR PLUS will not fall off

• A laminate back to minimize shifting

• Affordable Price

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Wolf Shoulder Rest Rubber Tube

The Rubber tube to replace the original rubbers on the Wolf shoulder rests for the violin, and viola allows you to replace the worn-out rubber tubes on your shoulder rest feet. It also contains four-cell rubber tubes.

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FOM Wooden Shoulder Rest 4/4-3/4

This beautiful shoulder rest is exquisitely handcrafted from high-quality wood.

• Lightweight

• Ergonomic Design

• Adjustable height

• Made out of high-quality wood

• Durable padding for maximum comfort

• Sturdy rubber feet ensure no slippage or damage to the instrument

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Kun Replacement Foot - Extra Long Length

This extra-long Kun replacement foot increases the height range of your Kun Original, Super, or Bravo shoulder rest!

• Increases the height range of Kun Original, Super, or Bravo shoulder rest

• Ensures players' comfort with long necks

• Available with over-moulded rubber or replaceable latex.

• Will fit any Kun model for full-size violin or viola except for the Voce.

• Screw length – 33mm.

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Coloured Wolf Secondo Shoulder Rest

The Wolf Secondo is a robust and dependable violin shoulder rest used by many violinists for years. 

• Rubber padded

• Ergonomically curved bar

• Height adjustable from 0.5cm to 8cm

• Sliding width adjustment on one end

• Available in 4/4, 3/4 and, 1/2, 1/4 sizes

• Height and pitch adjustable with screw-on swivelling legs

$59.09 Price

Violin Shoulder Rest Willy Wolf: Forte Secondo

The Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rests are made of comfortable rubber mounted on Aluminium plating, which can be moulded to the player's shape. 

• The curved bar contacts more body area for a secure hold. 

• Sliding width adjustment for unlimited positioning along the instrument body.

• Wide, contoured rest with flexible legs for angle adjustments.

• It offers the option of more height than any other shoulder rest

• It is provided with two telescopic screws on both sides.

• Adjustable on either side to any angle and any width.

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Luna Shoulder Rest By Pirastro

The ultimate in sound and comfort

• Instantly comfortable ergonomic shape

• Simple click system for easy and secure adjustments

• It folds into an ultra-compact shape

• Delivers outstanding freedom and integrity of sound

• Custom-made and sound-optimized compound

• Feather light (only 32 grams)

• It fits violins from 3/4 to 4/4

• With our trusted rubber feet and comfortable foam pads

$357.50 Regular price $424.50 Price

Kun Bravo Maple Shoulder Rest Violin

Kun "Bravo" Violin Shoulder Rest - Maple in Bag. Handsome shoulder rest of curly Maple with gently curving sponge rubber pad and brass fittings.

• The Bravo’s metal adjusting mechanisms enhance the elegance of this outstanding product. 

• The feet of the Bravo also incorporate Kun’s patented locking device to limit rotation.

• The highest quality sponge rubber, representing the latest in polymer technology, ensures that the padding offers extra grip, greater comfort and maximum durability.

• Folding ends on the Bravo Collapsible model make it easy to store.

$178.18 Price


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